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  • 1 May 2021 - 30 September 2021
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EAVA Zine is a small publication – both magazine and art work - that focuses on the local folkloric traditions of the region, integrating historic, cultural, oral customs with the region’s artistic sphere. The zine is rooted in contemporary art, at the intersection of people and place in East Anglia.

EAVA stands for East Anglian Visual Art and art is the driving force for the zine, created by Sophie Curtis & Simon Nunn. The pair grew up in the historic market town of Bury St. Edmunds in the 00’s, and as teenagers were part of a band of outsiders, skateboarders and artists. Having worked collaboratively in the past, this year they wanted to make something tangible, to hold, look at and read. The first issue Pilgrimages is released in May, followed by the second issue in late summer.

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‘There have been some great discoveries in the development of the zine. A plethora of content both folkloric and artistic, the sheer excitement and enthusiasm from folks so far has been overwhelming. EAVA was born from a feeling of frustration about the lack of representation in East Anglia by the art world, it seems to be a region that is easily forgotten about, and there can be a real lack of opportunity for young people – it seems no wonder many East Anglians leave the area. In an unnoticed pocket of society there will always be unique individuals expressing themselves quietly, undisturbed, using light in the shadows. EAVA, and the response from contributors and followers, has shown the demand for an opportunity to share creativity and customs in the region.’ Sophie Curtis and Simon Nunn

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