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Lockdown Slop

  • Spring & Summer 2021
  • on-line
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Lockdown Slop is an online exhibition running alongside a publication posted to communities around Gt Yarmouth, sharing the work of five amazing artists based in East Anglia. Like the rest of the UK, our plans over the last year have been turned upside down. This project is a way of responding to the closures and confinement we’re currently facing, a way to bring contemporary art directly into people’s homes, when staying in (and the accompanying monotony) is our only constant. The five artists featured are Nicky Deeley, Maddie Exton, Matthew Challenger, Bob Bicknell-Knight and Georgia Green. Their work spans very different artforms, subject matters and styles, but all represent fresh and compelling contemporary arts practice taking place in the countryside.

With this project Slop hopes to connect with people through isolation, and share something different, at a time when every day is the same.

You can view the online exhibition at www.slopprojects.com

Slop are contemporary art curators working to promote exciting artists in rural regions, where opportunities to exhibit are often limited. A partnership between a philosopher and a visual artist, with a DIY ethos Slop want to make inspiring, radical art available to all, no matter what the location, background or privilege. We believe in paying artists for their work, and breaking down barriers to viewing artwork.

Whilst art cannot compare to the amazing impact of the key workers and volunteers working through the pandemic, we feel that there still is an important place for art in our society: to inspire us to make the most of our precious lives, and show us that we can create, invent and experiment whatever our circumstances. Art should be used to communicate ideas, to express emotion, rabble rouse and protest. It’s distraction, entertainment and education, the sharing of knowledge beyond our own perspectives.

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