EAAF is also committed to supporting the local artistic community. We do this by giving grants to exhibitions, creating art education opportunities, bringing our members and artists together through events and studio visits and organising selling shows.

EAAF is keen to create opportunities for local artists to show and sell their work. Every few years we organise an Open Art Show at Norwich Castle which generates income for both the artists and ourselves via commissions and submission fees. In 2018 the Open Art Show Inheritance was organised alongside The Square Box on the Hill, an exhibition celebrating the 900 year history of Norwich Castle.

In 2021 we are delighted to support the 6th Norwich Castle Open Art Show, Somewhere Unexpected. The exhibition features new work by 38 artists based in the region - revealing their relationships to their immediate landscapes in the shifting context of a global pandemic. Somewhere Unexpected is on show in the Timothy Gurney Gallery at Norwich Castle as part of the bicentenary celebrations marking the death of John Crome, a founder of the Norwich School of Artists. The exhibition was selected by Amanda Geitner, Rosy Gray, Henry Jackson Newcomb and Danny Keen.

Take a look at the work of some of our artist members. If you are an artist, EAAF membership entitles you to feature your work here.

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Alec Cumming

Alec Cumming paints the brilliant colour of places visited, dreamed and remembered. 'My work is a playful, vibrant capturing of moments and adventures.'


Alison Henry

Alison is a sculptor living in North Norfolk taking her inspiration from forms, patterns and shapes in the natural world.


Alistair Carr

Alistair is a landscape colourist who has lived in some of the planet's most remote wildernesses. His work is in private and public collections.


​Caroline Munn

Caroline Munn's quietly unsettling photographs stem from childhood memories and dreams.


Claire Cansick

Claire paints our relationship with nature, expressing her emotional response through colour. She approaches climate change issues by capturing images from news reports, developing them into works of beauty and devastation.


David Jones

I am a painter and printmaker. My prints are predominantly topographical. In my painting I look for subjects where colour and pattern play significant roles.


Gerard Stamp

Gerard Stamp is a contemporary English figurative watercolour painter.


Gill Levin

Painter Gill Levin trained at Chelsea School of Art in the 1950s and moved to Norfolk in the early 80s. Fascinated by the spaces between lines, industrial landscapes have been a source of inspiration, as are the structure of grasses and trees.


Gus Farnes

Gus Farnes is a sculptor based in Suffolk whose work explores our connection to one another and our relationship to the environments and landscapes we inhabit.


Guy Allen

Guy uses a two-hundred year old printing press producing limited edition prints with the technique invented by William Blake.


Helen Breach

Drawing, particularly life-drawing and the human body, form the basis of my work from anatomical expressionism, to prints, ceramic figures & site-specific installations.


Jamie Andrews

Jamie Andrews takes from a punk ethos to use satire, mockery and irony to record life in a contemporary world with empathy towards his fellow man and the environment.


Joceline Wickham

I concentrate on small Still Life paintings. I am interested in looking closely at and paying attention to the beauty and strangeness of ordinary things.


John Christie

John Christie makes geometric abstractions based on sources as diverse as architectural drawings and military camouflage systems.  


John Crossley

The work evolves through observation of my external environment, forms develop through drawing and re-drawing. Colour and form come together to create a narrative that engages not only the surface but also the viewer.


Karen Turner

Karen Turner is a portrait and figure artist based in Suffolk. Working predominantly in pencil, she’s naturally methodical and uses a minimalistic, sculptural style to capture the essence of her sitter.


Keron Beattie

Keron’s work is concerned with fragmentation, remaking and wholeness and the potential of materials to transform. He is particularly interested in using traditional tools and techniques to create contemporary work.


Kirsten Riley

Kirsten Riley’s works in mixed media is abstract/figurative - inspired by mood, memory and dreams and reflecting the changing and challenging world around her.


Lara Cobden

Lara Cobden is a figurative artist based in Norfolk.  Focusing on memory and a sense of place, her paintings are a response to the natural world around her.


Laurie Rudling

Laurie is a printmaker specialising in etching and collagraphs. A Norwich 20 Group and Printfair member, he also exhibits widely around England through fairs and galleries.


Malca Schotten

Malca Schotten's work is about life, labour and documentation and ranges from large-scale public projects to more private carefully crafted drawings. Dark, expressive, energetic, sculptural; evoking visual references to a European heritage.


Mary Mellor

Mary Mellor is a Norfolk based fine artist making reliefs and paintings.


Michael Waller-Bridge

A photographer specialising in portraiture, abstracts and previously in holography. Exhibited nationally and internationally with works held in collections including the Parliamentary Art Collection. Married to Rosemary Goodenough & lives in Norfolk.


Peter Norton

Peter Norton is a photographer intent on capturing abstract patterns in nature. Objects are eschewed, patterns and planes of colour are hunted out and faithfully reproduced.


Peter Rodolfo

I am more interested in the inaccuracies of memories than by their precision, so my work treads the borderline between dreams & reality.


Red K Elders

Red K Elders lives near the wild salt marshes of the Norfolk coast. Known for mythical pencil drawings inspired by ancient Gods and Goddesses, lately Elders has focused on portraits of children, often with their animal familiars or friends.


Rhonda Whitehead

Rhonda Whitehead's paintings capture everyday instances of decay - such as the gradual weathering of an urban building, or the breakdown of vegetation - rendered in abstraction to produce works that are vibrant, unsettling and endlessly absorbing.


Rosemary Goodenough

Paints with oils using cloths & knives, draws with charcoal & sculpts in clay. Exhibitions include Barcelona, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Salzburg and Florence Biennale. Works in collections worldwide. Married to Michael Waller-Bridge & lives in Norfolk.


Sally Hirst

My work is about the environments I encounter. The textures, shadows and structures; the experiences imagined and recollected, all dictate the narrative - the sense of place.


Sara Freakley

Sara Freakley works in a variety of media using a balance of colour and composition to express ideas routed in a sense of place and the transient paths of human existence.


Spadge Hopkins

Spadge Hopkins is a sculptor working with volume, void and shadow, making metal sculptures, in copper or steel, which are sometimes kinetic with lighting.


Suzanne Seed

Suzanne Seed is a contemporary silversmith based in Norfolk who uses various traditional and contemporary techniques to create new and original forms.

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