East Anglia Art Fund (EAAF)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA)

Established in 1991 the East Anglia Art Fund (EAAF) is a charity, based in Norwich, of 600 members. EAAF funds visual art exhibitions, art education work with artists and young people and scholarships at Norwich University of the Arts. For our Members we organise a number of events each year (up to 10) and invite them to Opening Events for exhibitions held at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery. A small number of other opportunities are extended to Members, for example the opportunity to purchase an annual limited edition artist’s tile and free admission to exhibitions supported by EAAF. Periodically, EAAF organises Norwich Castle Open Art Show exhibitions selected from art works submitted by artists in the region. 


The East Anglia Art Fund keeps a password protected data-base record of the names, mailing address, email address and telephone numbers of its Members, Trustees and Executive Committee. This information has been submitted by each individual and is not obtained from, or shared with, any third party. EAAF keeps the minimal personal data necessary to keep in touch with people who have chosen to become Members of our charity. The permission to do so is given with renewal of membership annually.


EAAF keeps a record of the names and date of birth of children associated with an adult who has chosen a Family Membership. The children’s names are used exclusively to name their individual membership cards.  No other data beyond name and date of birth is kept in relationship to children and it is not used in any other way or shared under any circumstances.


It is possible for users of our website to submit their email address to subscribe to receive email newsletters from EAAF. These email addresses are only held as a subscribers list on the Campaign Monitor email programme. This list of email addresses is not held as part of any other EAAF database. A request to continue to send emails to this list is made every 2 years.


The Open Art Show entry process is managed through the EAAF website and involves the submission of the artist’s name, address, email address and telephone number, along with information identifying the artwork. All submission information is held by EAAF to enable the selection of the exhibition. Information for artists and artworks selected for the exhibition is held by EAAF and Norfolk Museum Service to enable the organisation of the exhibition. All Open Art Show personal data is deleted by EAAF and NMS within 2 years of the close of the exhibition. A record is kept confirming the date of deletion.

EAAF understands and exercises Legitimate Interest in using this data in the following ways: 

  • To mail to EAAF Members information about EAAF events, supported exhibitions and activities (4 to 5 times annually).
  • To email Members and Subscribers with information about EAAF events, supported exhibitions and activities (1 or 2 times a month).
  • To contact Artists who have submitted to the Open Art Show by mail, email or telephone, as necessary and appropriate to enable the selection and administration of the exhibition.

 To Unsubscribe

  • Members can choose to stop receiving post and emails by not renewing their annual membership or cancelling their membership at any time.
  • Once a membership has lapsed the Member’s details are deleted.
  • Members and website subscribers can choose to unsubscribe from the Campaign Monitor email newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe button that is on every email. They can also get in touch with EAAF by mail, email or telephone to ask us to do this on their behalf.
  • A record is kept of the date of deletion of personal data.
  • Those submitting to the Open Art Show can unsubscribe from emails or request by email, post or telephone that their data be deleted at any time. Open Art Show data will be deleted within 2 years of the close of each exhibition. A record is kept confirming the date of deletion.

A Data Protection Network Necessity and Balancing Test for LIA was completed by Amanda Geitner, Director, May 2018.  This LIA is due for review May 2020. 

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