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. . . a d r i f t . . .

  • 25 April 2024 2.00pm - 4.00pm
  • PRIMEYARC, Unit C, Market Gates Great Yarmouth NR30 2BG
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Join us to see this wonderful exhibition of new painting by Barbara Howey, James Quin, Jeffrey Dennis, Joanna Whittle, Julian Brown, Katie Pratt, Lesley Bunch, Lisa Ivory, Lisa Milroy, Molly Thomson and Roland Hicks.

The word ‘adrift’ reflects the condition of having willingly relinquished one’s moorings and loosened one’s grip on a predetermined destination. It is in this watchfully ‘drifting’ zone of possibility that questions can surface, possibilities co-exist and ideas take shape. For every artist this space will be different in its scope and extent.

While the work of the participating artists covers a range of current painting practices the aim of the exhibition is not to be a comprehensive overview of what is a wide field but to open up unpredictable exchanges between works; exchanges that can suggest fresh perspectives, and new ‘adrifts’.

Our visit will include a welcome and tour of PrimeYarc with Kaavous Clayton and Julia Devonshire, Original Projects, and a guided tour of the exhibition by Molly Thomson and Barbara Howey, who collaborated on the delivery of the exhibition, and afternoon tea! EAAF is very proud to be supporting … a d r i f t … and this event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the exhibition.

… a d r i f t … is organised by Original Projects in collaboration with Molly Thomson and Barbara Howey and supported with funding from the East Anglia Art Fund and Contemporary British Painting

2.00Tea and Coffee on arrival at Primeyarc
2.30Exhibition viewing and conversation with curators and artists
4.00Event close
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