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  • 25 April 2023 - 10 June 2023
  • The Cut, New Cut Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BY
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Duologues? focuses on artistic collaboration, bringing together four artist duos: Bonvin and Eden, Nelson and Woodward, Tool/Toy Project, Dunhill and O'Brien. These are artists who have committed to working collaboratively, despite, or perhaps because of, the particular challenges and benefits that come with shared creative endeavour.

The project involves artists at different stages of their careers and presents a wide range of working methods, approaches to research and media - from oil painting to silversmithing; inflatables to photography; performative night walks to motorised sculpture.

Initiated and devised by artists Bonvin and Eden, the exhibition proposes that collaboration can enrich and enliven the experience of making and viewing art, for both artist and viewer.

The first stage of the project will open at PrimeYARC, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 1 -15 April, closely followed by Stage 2, the central exhibition, at The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk, 25 April - 10 June.

The Covid-19 pandemic raised questions about how we work. After long periods of solo and home working for the majority of workers, we began to understand the importance of regular small-scale communications that occur in a shared working environment. These interactions are now recognised as contributing to creative problem solving as well as general well-being. While art forms such as theatre, music and dance frequently involve co-working and collaboration, visual art has been based on the idea of a single artistic vision, created by a solo 'heroic' artist.

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